What Clients Say... 


"Hi Alice, I am cruising around like a rock star! I really enjoyed the shop yesterday and learnt a great deal from you.  

have to say I really appreciated your personal style – I didn’t feel crowed by sharing something that is usually a solitary 

activity for me and I also didn’t feel pressurized to buy anything I wasn’t completely comfortable with. What a difference 

you’ve made - thank you so much. Every woman deserves to feel the way you’ve helped me feel today!"

Kay, 41


"Thank you so much! I'm in love with my new wardrobe and I think my husband is in love with me all over again!"

Clea, 40


"Dear Alice, thank you for a lovely productive shop on Tuesday. I just wanted to thank you for steering me in the right 

direction and helping me with the basics... am already finding it much easier to get dressed in the morning. I'm wearing 

my funky T-shirt today and already have had quite a few compliments, so definitely a look that works well for me!"

Tracy, 31


"Before I met Alice I was stuck in a wardrobe rut.  I had your typical nothing-to-wear syndrome, even though I had a 

cupboard full of clothes!  I felt like I was always wearing the same thing, and that my social wardrobe had gotten lost 

somewhere in the transition from student to professional.  I desperately needed an objective eye to help me clear out all 

the old clothes I'd been hoarding during my twenties, and I needed advice on how to put outfits together without always 

having to make everything match.  Alice came to the rescue.  Even though I'm meticulous about keeping my wardrobe 

colour-coded and tidy, I found Alice invaluable.  She was ruthless in helping me get rid of clothes which had literally been 

"keeping the cupboard warm", and she showed me that having fewer items in my wardrobe can actually be better than 

having loads of clothes and being overwhelmed with choice.  She also helped me realise that I don't alway have to make 

everything match to look good!  Her discerning eye made my personal shopping experience with her an absolute breeze.  

She summed me up perfectly and helped me find several outfits which are flattering and in keeping with the general style 

of my wardrobe.  Since our consultation I feel more confident about my style and I don't have a problem finding 

something to wear anymore!"

Camilla, 30

"Though I have a cupboard full of clothes, I never seem to have the right thing to wear for specific occasions. Alice spent 

a morning sorting and tidying my cupboards quite ruthlessly, showing me how I could match up different pieces to create 

different outfits. I did not want to look like mutton dressed as lamb but still wanted to look stylish and more modern. 

After Alice shopped for me - wonderful to have the luxury of trying clothes on at home - I was so pleased to discover that 

I now seemed to be ready for anything. I felt much more confident, especially after Alice up-dated my make-up and 

arranged for me to have my hair cut and highlighted. Thank you Alice!"

Sheila, 63


"Alice brought a clarity and order to my chaotic wardrobe. With a wonderful sense of humour, she created a fresh modern 

look that suited my lifestyle as a busy working mom."

Allison, 41


"Alice did the make-up for my wedding. Because I don't usually wear make-up, I couldn't find anyone who understood that 

I didn't want foundation caked on my face for my wedding! But Alice's make-up was subtle and natural and exactly what

had in mind. She achieved the art of applying make-up that doesn't look like you're wearing make-up... I only wish I had 

asked her to design my dress too."

Faye Slater, 32


"My problem was not so much that I didn't know what to wear, but rather that I didn't know how to look after what I

wear! I have never managed to keep my closets organized and tidy and because of this, was not utilizing all my beautiful 

clothes. I booked a consultation with Alice and she was able to really help me with re-organising and sorting. First we 

threw out all the things I don't wear anymore that I've been hanging onto for years, then we looked at my storage system 

and worked out solutions to my problem. Alice arrived the following day with gorgeous boxes for my shoes, containers 

for my accessories, matching hangers and all sorts of clever storage items and ideas. We had loads of fun putting it all 

together and now I'm the proud owner of beautiful closets, full of clothes I can see and find!"

Victoria, 34

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