Are you...

·    Bored with your look and feel you've lost sight of what suits you?

·    Frustrated with standing in front of your wardrobe wondering what to wear?

·    Not sure where to shop or what you should be shopping for?


Don't worry, you are not alone! Many women go through a "wardrobe crisis"

at some point in their lives, most wear only 20% of their wardrobe, 80% of

the time. Some feel they never quite get a grasp on their own personal style, 

buying all the wrong clothes and making expensive mistakes. 


With the help of a professional stylist you will...

·    Understand your body shape and how to dress to make the most of it.

·    Discover which colours you should and should not be wearing.

·    Develop an individual style that reflects your lifestyle and personality.

·    Enjoy a smaller, more versatile wardrobe by learning to mix and match.

·    Keep your wardrobe up to date without looking like a fashion victim.

·    Learn to shop effectively and avoid costly impulse buys.

·    Never feel as though you have nothing to wear again!

"Fashion for me is not

about looking like your 

neighbour, but to allow each

woman to resemble herself 

and to freely express her


                                  Christian Lacroix 

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