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About Men's Styling



Personal Styling, Shopping & Wardrobe Management for Men


It is a widley accepted fact that 70% of first impressions are based on your appearance. Another 20% on how you sound and just

10% on what you have to say.


With this in mind it makes sense in today's competitive environment for you to use your appearance as an effective tool, whatever

you are planning to accomplish.


A contemporary, confident and classy image for men who need to look good, but either don't have the time, inclination or know-

how is created around each client's unique lifestyle, budget and requirements.


During her 16-year career as a Wardrobe Stylist in the film industry, Cape Town-based Allison Bassett

has dressed characters ranging from Nerds and Neanderthals to Superheros and Rock Stars, as well

as  a host of celebrities such as Boris Becker, Ryk Neethling and actor Brian Cox, to name but a few.

Since 2008 she has turned her passion for styling, colour and fashion to meeting the growing demand 

in South Africa for a Personal Stylist for men. In this capacity, Allison works locally and internationally,

sourcing the most effective solution for each client's unique requirements. She is still hoping to dress

either George Clooney or South Africa's own Seth Rotherham J


"A man should look as if

he had bought his clothes with intelligence,

put them on with care,

and then forgotten all about them"

                                             Hardy Amies 

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