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Men's Styling Testimonials



"Highly original, intrinsically professional, completely passionate, Allison Bassett is seriously good at what she does"

Lewis Pugh, Lawyer, Author and Eco Adventurer


"By choosing clothes that compliment my build and colouring, Allison showed me what works for my wardrobe and what

doesn’t; which made it very easy to clear out the items in my wardrobe that did not suit me. I now have confidence in

what I wear and know what to look out for, however I’ve found that the easiest option is to get Allison to shop for me. 

She is out there all the time, knows exactly where the best clothes are and saves me a huge amount of hassle.  It is a

fantastic service and well worth every cent"

Matthew Cullinan, Director MCA Urban and Enviromental Planners 


"I am a converted sceptic. I never paid much attention to what I am wearing, even though I had a nagging feeling that

somehow my dress sense was not doing me any favours. I found Allison’s approach worked for me because she could

explain the art and science behind her approach to managing a wardrobe, and it made a lot of sense on various levels. I

had a cupboard full of clothes but was hardly wearing a third of it. Allison managed to understand the style and look that I

felt comfortable in, challenged me to some extent to show what is possible and knew when to settle the debate. Allison

knows where to buy - she sourced my clothing at places I passed all the time, but somehow always missed. The end

result is that I pay attention to what I am wearing, dress differently but am completely comfortable with it, feel better

about how I look and the image it projects and there is hardly any wastage in my wardrobe. I am in the corporate world

and a believer that to be successful in the long run it is what you know that counts. But first impressions and visual

judgements are a reality and it makes life a lot easier not to start on the back foot from that perspective. I have

changed my view to spend on clothing it is an investment. It may be pure co-incidence, but I landed a huge job a few

months after Allison helped me, and I am happy with the way that I looked during those engagements. Give it a try you

will not be sorry"

Jannie Venter, Managing Executive, ABSA 


"I contacted Allison Bassett at The Wardrobe Studio, requiring a change in professional attire to reflect a change in my

career; and realised that I was personally under-qualified for this task. Allison effortlessly chose items that fitted 

perfectly every time and reflected this change, whilst still keeping in my realms of comfort. Her advice is professional 

yet frank, as she manages to coax you into the items that will work for you. This is a great service that will save time 

in getting the right result and stop those wasted purchases - thanks Ally!"

Marcus Brain, Managing Director, SouthAfrica365 

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