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Men's Styling Services


Total Re-Vamp - R4500

- Step 1 - Style Assessment

Together we will determine whether your primary style is Sporty, Casual, Traditional, Elegant, Creative, Dramatic or a combination.

This will allow us to make the best clothing choices in keeping with your current personal style.


- Step 2 - Body Type Assessment

A body type assessment will help us determine the cuts and styles of clothing best suited to your physique.


- Step 3 - Colour Analysis

80% of the time, the first thing usually noticed about a personis the colours they are wearing. The colour palette worn can make

or break the overall look - once you are aware of what your best colours are, you will be astounded by the difference it makes.


- Step 4 - Lifestyle Analysis

Looking at the percentage of your time devoted to work, family, leisure and socialising allows us to analyse the content of your

wardrobe, and establish what is in short supply.


- Step 5 - Wardrobe Assessment

After assessing your personal style, body shape, colouring and lifestyle, we have a good hard look at your present wardrobe to

determine what should stay, what is salvageable via a trip to the tailors, and whathould be discarded. Once finished, your

wardrobe will be fantastically organised, and we can make a comprehensive short and long term shopping plan!


- Step 6 - Shopping

The fun part! Now that we have a clear idea on your wardrobe requirements based on all of the above, we can fill in the gaps to

create a complete wardrobe that compliments you and your lifestyle effortlessly.


- Step 7 - Fitting & Tailoring

Once finished with your shopping trip, all pieces are fitted and intergrated into your existing wardrobe. And should anything need

tailoring, this will be organised for you.


Seasonal Wardrobe Upkeep - From R2500 Per Annum

Keep your wardrobe current, season to season, with twice yearly shopping trips.


Occasion Styling - From R1500

Perfect for the Bridegroom, master of ceremonies, public speaking events etc


International Shopping - From R3500

Let me source pieces for your wardrobe whilst on one of my European shopping trips - the choice of men's clothing and

accessories, and the price range available is phenomenal!


Testing The Water - R500

A 1.5 hr consultation, touching briefly on each aspect - personal style, body types, colour, lifestyle and wardrobes. 

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