Isn't having your own personal stylist an

indulgent luxury reserved for the rich and famous?

The majority of my clients are women with average clothing budgets, leading fairly 

"normal" lives. They use my services as they would those of a hairdresser or beauty 

therapist; outsourcing to someone more experienced in the field than themselves. 

While some clients may use my services on an ongoing bases, many find that after 

couple of consultations they are well equipped with the skills needed to maintain 

their new wardrobes on their own.


I would love to hire a personal stylist, but don't

have a huge budget for shopping. Is this a problem?

I am happy to shop wherever your budget allows - from chain stores to boutiques.

Often clients have more wearable clothing than they realise, so the addition of a few

key items and inexpensive accessories might be enough to give your wardrobe a re-

vamp.Most of my clients find that over time they actually save money as they learn 

to purchase wisely and make fewer and fewer costly bad buys.


Where do consultations take place?

All consultations take place in our studio in Claremont, Cape Town, except for 

wardrobe consultations which take place in your home, and shopping trips which 

take place in and around Cape Town, depending on your needs. Travel costs will be 

‹charged for consultations 30km or more out of Cape Town.‹‹


How long do consultations take?

Times indicated for consultations are an estimate only and may vary according to 

your specific needs and size of wardrobe. Styling packages or services with an 

estimated time over six hours are best spread over two or three consultations as 

it is a lot to take in on one day and shopping trips can be quite exhausting.


I would like to treat a friend to a

consultation, how do I go about arranging this?

You may purchase a gift certificate for any of the styling or make-up services, or 

alternatively I can put a package together with her specific needs in mind. Your 

certificate will be valid for a year and can be emailed, or beautifully packaged and 

delivered for a truly indulgent gift!


Do I need to lose weight before I book a consultation?

I believe that having a sense of style is NOT dependent on your weight. No matter

what your size; choosing the correct clothing styles, fabrics and colours for your

proportions and shape is what's important.


Should I have a clearout before my wardrobe planning session?

Definitely not - that's my job! Seeing the mistakes you have made in clothing 

choices is a good opportunity for me to show you why they are mistakes and how 

not to make them again when next you are out shopping. It is also good to see how 

your wardrobe looks on a "normal" day, so I can tell if you need any help with 

storage solutions and wardrobe organising.

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