Welcome to The Wardrobe Studio, where we offer a bespoke Personal Styling & Shopping service by stylists who are well 

equipped to meet your needs, be it a simple wardrobe clear-out or a complete style makeover.

With a gentle approach, we spend time with our clients, helping them discover their personal style, teaching them to shop like 

professionals and create wardrobes to compliment their body shapes, personalities, lifestyles and budgets.   

"After many years working as a wardrobe stylist on commercials, movies and fashion shoots, and frequent requests from 

friends and family to "style them", I realised a need for a similar service but on a private level offering women the opportunity to 

seek outside professional help with their wardrobes - a wardrobe therapist as it were!  Dressing people over the years has taught 

me a lot about body types and the styles and fabrics that suit them - most women feel that their bodies are far from perfect, but 

with a basic understanding of our shape and a good knowledge of what suits us, it's simple to look our best!" 


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